L40 Self-Propelled Gun

Year of production: 2023
Category: Military vehicles
Scale: 1:35
Country:  Italy
Period: Second World War

Once again available, the Italian Army self-propelled gun in 1:35 scale.
A re-release strongly requested by Italian model makers.
Decals for 4 versions - Photoengraved - Link-and-length tracks
The L40 self-propelled gun was constructed on the hull of a light L6/40 tank in order to equip the motorized sections of the Italian Army with an armoured vehicle that could provide adequate artillery support, and for use as a tank hunter.

Starting from the L6/40 tank design, the turret was replaced with an open armoured casement housing a 47/32 Mod.1935 anti-tank gun, similar to the one used on the “M” series tanks. The self-propelled gun is characterized by its small size, riveted plate armour typical of Italian production, and a crew of just two men. Although limited by the inability to face up to enemy armoured vehicles, it was used by the Italian Army in the Second World War in Libya, Tunisia, and the Italian campaign. After the armistice some units were used in rear-guard operations and by the ground troops of the Luftwaffe.

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